Water Jet Cleaning

Water Jet Cleaning

Bio Protect Group uses advanced technologies for the delivering of services to customers, cleaning and washing Capacitors air exchangers. Water Jet System is a high-pressure cleaning system of water blades contrasted with semi-automatic movement. Bio Protect Group, besides providing the service, designs and supplies turnkey, fixed systems, also expresses, on request, integrated analysis AUDIT of the combustion system, including the production cycle.

Our cleaning process

Acqua Jet system is semi-automatic and is installed in the banks of the heat exchanger, coupled with guides that allow the module to move independently along the surface of the condenser, without causing any damage to the blades. The condenser is cleaned with high pressure and a constant flow of water. The distance and angle of the nozzles are adapted to the type of blade so that the jet penetrates deeply without dent. The system is applied in a mixing system of products to remove lime scale with the use of bioorganic plant-derived additives, 100% biodegradable, harmless to human health and the environment.

The use of our systems guaranties our customers an improvement in production between 10 and 15%. This is possible by keeping the exchange of convective and capacitors, such as conditions of project. The above conditions create a clear economical advantage which can not be waived.

Where to apply

Our technology is applicable to all types of air exchanger condensers for a deep cleaning and high performance:

  • ACC Air cooled condenser
  • Fin Fan Cooler
  • V-Design
  • Hybrids
  • Natural Draught Cooling Tower


acqua jet 1
acqua jet 4
acqua jet 3
acqua jet 2

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