Shooting and drilling

System Drilling & Clean

A service and work for all needs:

This activity is carried out with a cleaning system rotating shaft.

The cleaner in use, transforms the hardest jobs of cleaning of the tubes in a simple operation performed by a single employee. The unit uses a brush or other cleaning tool mounted on the end of a flexible rotating shaft. As the shaft rotates within the sleeve of his waterproof nylon, the unit delivers clean water to the tool through the sleeve. The operator drives the rotating shaft assembly through the pipe and the flow of water washes the deposits detached from the inner wall, ensuring complete cleaning of the pipe.

Results and quality

Pipe cleaner is designed for easy on-site use by our service engineers. The unit incorporates the same operating principles for which it was designed. Cleaning of pipes ¼ "-1" (6.4 to 25.4 mm) D.I. heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators, absorption machines and coolers. This powerful cleaner is ideal for pipe operations and recovery of the optimal trading temperatures.

Our process:

Pipe cleaner powered by compressed air for cleaning of boilers and water pipes and other pipes equal to or greater than ¼ "(6.4 mm) is ideal for all cleaning applications of tubes for which there is no electricity available or is not desirable the use. The unit uses a brush or other cleaning tool mounted on the end of a flexible rotating shaft to remove the deposits. The commands of the adjustable speed and torque allows the technician to adjust the cleaning power . The flexible shafts and accessories to remove the deposits, are combined with a simultaneous washing with water or dust extraction, if there is a need to not introduce water into the pipes.

Pipe cleaner powered by compressed air has a drive motor from 4HP (3kW) and control that adjusts the speed / torque. This machine is able to clean virtually any pipes equal to or greater than ¼ "(6.4 mm ) OF Supplied accessories include flexible shafts and other accessories to remove deposits, carry out simultaneous washing with water or dry suction.

The cleanser quickly and efficiently cleans the tubes and is ideal for maintenance of small and large heat exchangers condensers and / or oil coolers. The unit uses a small hollow drill combined with the simultaneous washing with water to better remove the heavier deposits, also where you should not use water because of oxidation, deposits are aspirated with the aid of a vacuum cleaner of high flow , so that you can store all traces without spreading them on the environment.

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