Organic Distruptive Oil

OD Bio :
Organic Distruptive Oil

OD Bio (Disruptive Oil) originated from long research and experimentations that lead to a Disruptive and Depolluting product, perfect to drain Waters and Lands tainted by Hydrocarbons and Oil Products generally. Its exceptional qualities make Od Bio surely one of the best Biological products in the market and the only vegetal product water based.

Extracted from Vegetal Spores

OD Bio is a natural product, its matrix is extracted from Vegetal Spores. Product’s qualities are certified by laboratory analysis and field testing. OD BIO is an innovative product that revolutionizes a market which offers only hydrocarbons removal and dispersion products, whereas Od Bio executes a micro-bacterial action that destroys hydrocarbons molecules.

Od Bio is a vegetal water based product, so it’s not dangerous for health and environment. Moreover has an exceptional quality in digesting Hydrocarbons molecules. Its primary action has its base in breaking the chemical chain creating a water/oxygen bearing, encapsulating and isolating the molecules making them attackable by the microorganisms in OD Bio and in nature’s bacterial fauna.

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