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Bio Protect Group, stands at the forefront of researching new services, technologies and products to offer to its customers, with the aim that the provided solutions would never represent a cost in management, but an economic benefit for the customer, consequent to an improvement and production optimization.

Bio Protect Group, si pone all’avanguardia nella ricerca di tecnologie e prodotti nuovi da offrire ai propri clienti, con l’obbiettivo che e soluzioni non rappresentino mai un costo nella gestione, ma un beneficio economico per il cliente, conseguente ad un miglioramento e ottimizzazione della produzione.

Bio Protect Group pursues a continuous improvement of the services offered.

BIO PROTECT GROUP, research technologies aimed at improving energy production and perfect the efficiency of plants with workable interventions without interrupting the production cycle.

For Bio Protect Group, research and development remain a constant in innovative customized solutions, where the ultimate end consists in offering customers our experience combined with a first-class service.

For Bio Protect Group, each customer and each plant have a specific story and problems.

Every job is faced with a view to finding the most suitable solutions to the specific needs of the plant, so that the customer avoids important economic losses, and at the same time, the offered services would represent not a management cost, but an economic benefit for the customer, resulting in the improvement of performance in production.

Bio Protect Group is one of the few companies to boasts an organizational control model D.lgs. 231/2001 and since years, the company has ISO EN 9001 - ISO EN14001 - ISO EN 45001 certifications.

Since 2015, Bio Protect Group, has developed a regeneration process for DeNOx and CO reduction SCR industrial catalysts.

Since 2018, Bio Protect Group has a stable branch in Westerkappeln, between Bremen and Dortmund in northern Germany to meet the needs and demands of the market.

Bio Protect Group’s activity since year 2000, testifies over 20 years of commitment and experience in the provision of professional services for optimization and restoration of best conditions in energy production plants and workflow.