Cardox Jet System

Cardox Jet System

CARDOX JET SYSTEM is the solution to peel off incrustations from oven’s walls and unblock channels blocked by slags. To develop the service activity Bio Protect Group has a complete range of products for every requirement. This system is known and used in everywhere in the world and is mainly used in cement factories, in foundries and where you need to break and liberate very resistant slags layers. In cement factories it’s possible to intervene on ovens incrustation, accumulations and channels blocks.

The process

The system is constituted by a tube which contains 600 – 1200 gm of CO2 liquid, filled with an appropriate pump. The tube is introduced inside the section to clean and is fixed to the mantle with appropriate hooks. Consequently CO2 sublimate using an electrical pulse that cause an air deflagration, disrupting the slags’ layer. CARDOX JET SYSTEM is used with the plant in production.

The intervention doesn’t need to stop the facilities and takes place in production removing the block without waste of work. CARDOX Jet System can be used in all the process line with operating temperature.

CARDOX JET SYSTEM has a very important function when the situation needs a decisive intervention to destroy slag heap, especially in dangerous situations, for example with maintenance in combustion rooms, or other channels with suspended slags, or even when intervention takes place with the establishment in production.

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