A3 Power Clean

A3 Power Clean

Bio Protect Group, with the strong know-how acquired, offers its clients a service with unique technologies.

Remove dust from Denox SCR Catalysts

This activity is made through blowing high pression multi-nozzle systems, linking the dust aspiration in a container, so that highly toxic dusts are not dispersed in the environment, restoring Denox ceramic component transpiration. This operation can be done on every kind of Denox.

Regenerate Denox SCR Catalysts Method Bio&Cat

Sometimes, Denox SCR Catalysts deactivate, after a long time of working, because ceramic's follicles don't absorb gas anymore. Our innovative ultrasound technology unloads gas from follicles and obtains a new activation of deactivated Denox as an effective solution to save huge investments in recharging Denox Catalysts.

This technology allows a remarkable economic saving up to 40/50% of the total cost. Regeneration is made in Italy. Bio Protect Group predisposes quotes and transport for Catalysts delivery and redelivery. Besides regeneration, we are able to provide regenerated forms with a warranty as new with a considerable saving. After regeneration, the catalyst Denox SCR will be equal to the new. Operative warranty and a saving in cost of about 40/50%. All the causes of catalyst deactivation are eliminated without an impact on properties and structural integrity.

Bio Protect Group as a turnkey service, including restoration of the metal structure.


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